Re: [asa] Thoughts on Giglio?

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Sun Oct 18 2009 - 23:44:41 EDT

Thanks Jon - not just for the affirmation, but for the link to the thread.

It helped me to locate the earlier thread on the same topic which starts at;

Between the above and the thread you cite I think this pretty much exhausts the substantial content of our discussions.


Jon Tandy wrote:
> I think Murray summed it up pretty well.
> Here is my summary of the two videos back in January, that kicked off a few
> responses. Although I
> was prepared for the worst (in terms of scientific and logical error), I
> felt they were inspirational when viewed as Murray said, for devotional
> content not necessarily scientific rigor. You could find the entire
> presentation of both videos on YouTube if you were interested in previewing
> (do a search for "giglio indescribable", and "giglio how great is our god" -
> they are in multiple parts).

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