RE: [asa] ID question?

From: Alexanian, Moorad <>
Date: Sun Oct 18 2009 - 20:33:18 EDT

Since we are embedded in time, everything is evolving. Is there a theory, “evolutionary theory,” on how everything evolves? I do not know but I doubt it. One would have to take into account a superposition of the free will of all conscious beings, including that of God, and the inexorable time development of the universe. That is indeed a tall order.

I understand by evolutionary theory the theory of what happened in the past. This is certainly not experimental science. One may restrict its subject matter to the study of how life came about on Earth and how it developed. I suppose that is the only meaning that would make sense for the human mind to attempt to fathom. In the spirit of Bayesian logic, one must clearly indicate what the data is and what prior information one uses to analyze the data. Here is where things get rather messy.

Hope I have answered all your questions, otherwise let me know.

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Which 'science' does 'evolutionary theory' not apply to in your view, Moorad? Are all 'ahistorical' sciences exempt from it? Perhaps in George's view, evolutionary theory applies to 'all sciences,' while in your view it applies only to 'some sciences'. Is that about right?

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We all exist in time and so there is nothing outside history—no one can run away from it. However, the aim of experimental science is to arrive at results that are invariant under time translation. Surely, that is not the aim of evolutionary theory.

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Therewith assuming that history & science are disjoint. How long do we have
to keep on with this sort of thing?


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>A simple way to state your findings is that evolution has to do a lot more
>with history than with science—something many of us have been saying for a
>long time.
> Moorad

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