Re: [asa] Thoughts on Giglio?

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Sun Oct 18 2009 - 20:20:02 EDT

Hi Allan,

There was, indeed, a discussion on Giglio and his videos - it occurred between the dates 15 Jan 09 and 28 Jan 09 - there was also a "belated" mention by Jon Tandy on the 15/02.

Reaction was mixed with, in my assessment, the general view that Giglio's presentations are best watched for their inspirational and devotional quality - not so much for their scientific content. My recollection is that the scientific content is not *very* objectionable it's just that Giglio's interest is horatory rather than pedagogical. He wants, in other words, his congregation to be inspired by the glory of God seen in creation rather than to teach them facts about science.

So, as a piece of *preaching* the videos were, as I recall, given a tick of approval. It's more questionable whether they were *very* good science or *very* good natural theology.

All in my personal estimation, as I recall the discussion, of course!


Allan Harvey wrote:
> It seems like the topic of Louie Giglio and his videos about the wonders
> of creation has come up here before, but my search of the archives has
> not turned up any discussion. So either I'm remembering wrong or search
> engines miss things in our archives. I seem to recall mixed reviews --
> good at showing wonder of God's creation, but sloppy science here and
> there (albeit better than the pseudoscience often seen in Evangelical
> churches) -- something about a cross-shaped molecule that some people
> thought really stretched things.
> Anyway, somebody will be showing Giglio's video at my church soon.
> Should I be concerned? Steer people away? Steer people toward?
> Allan (ASA member)

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