Re: [asa] ID question?

From: Cameron Wybrow <>
Date: Fri Oct 16 2009 - 11:49:18 EDT


Regarding your other post, your pedantry over the word "shrew" is silly. I
have on most occasions here taken the trouble to write "primitive,
shrew-like mammal", instead of "shrew", and on most occasions have done thus
with other examples of common ancestors. I therefore hope that everyone
here will give me credit for being aware that I am using a shorthand,
technically inaccurate expression, and will immediately divine that I am
doing so simply to save time and words. I would think that you would be
especially happy to see shorter expressions, as you are constantly
complaining that my posts are too long. In any case, I believe that you
know very well that I understand the notion of a common ancestor between
shrew and bat, and man and chimp, and therefore I believe that you are being
needlessly quarrelsome.

Regarding your comments below:

I explained to you at sufficient length why Behe uses "Darwinian evolution"
and I explained to you how that differs, for Behe, from "evolution" simply.
Did you not pay any attention to what I wrote? Did you not understand it?

If you didn't pay any attention to what I wrote, then you are not interested
having a serious discussion with me. If you didn't understand what I wrote,
I'm sorry, but I have no more time to explain to you things that I consider
extremely basic.

Behe has never said that he is "against evolution". Yet, despite repeated
explanations from me and others here, you continue to misrepresent him as
saying so. Whether your misrepresentations are due to difficulties you have
in understanding Behe's thought, or spring from some desire on your part to
pick a fight with Behe, or possibly with me, I am unable to determine. But
it is clear to me now that you are unwilling to retract your false
statement, and given that fact, I am terminating our dialogue. And, while
this is not the first time that I have fruitlessly engaged in an extended
attempt to explain something to you, I can assure you that it will be the

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> Hi Cameron-
> " Please find me one statement, anywhere in Behe's work, where he says
> that he is "against evolution", or else do the honourable thing and
> publically
> withdraw your comments."
> If you watch the video- he said repeatedly that "Darwinian evolution"
> couldn't do such and such. What other kind of evolution is there? Is he
> saying there's another kind of evolution that he accepts? If so, what does
> he call it?
> ...Bernie

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