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From: Rich Blinne <>
Date: Fri Oct 16 2009 - 10:35:26 EDT

On Oct 16, 2009, at 1:25 AM, Dennis Venema wrote:

> Cameron, you state:
> “Neo-Darwinians, and other foes of teleological reasoning in
> biology, would be best advised to stop belly-aching about the
> alleged lack of peer-review of ID books and articles, and to
> concentrate on providing the detailed evolutionary mechanisms which
> they have failed to provide for the last 150 years.”
> That is *exactly* what mainstream science has been doing for 150
> years – providing more and more detail on how evolution works. That
> it fails to meet the standards of those who reject the evidence for
> theological reasons is hardly surprising. There was enough evidence
> in 1859 to convince many Christians. Since then many more
> independent lines of evidence have converged to support Darwin’s
> “big idea” of descent with modification through natural selection.
> How much evidence do you want?
> The ID approach, in a nutshell, is to demand infinite detail for any
> disputed process. Behe has essentially admitted as much – that his
> version of “detailed mechanism” means every single point mutation
> along the way and full knowledge of the populations and selection
> coefficients for each mutation as well. He knows that this is an
> impossible standard.
> In the meantime, ID cannot even define the boundaries on the age of
> the earth (again, for theological / political reasons). Demand
> infinite detail; offer none in response. Is it any wonder why
> mainstream science views the ID movement the way it does?
> Dennis

It's this lack of integrity concerning the description of the state of
science that have teed up people like Bill Maher. Note how he kept
expecting Senator Frist to agree with him because presumably he was
conservative and a Christian. That's because other conservatives and
Christian do not trust the scientific establishment bolstered by the
lies of the Intelligent Design Movement. Case in point, the massive
amount of evidence for evolution is completely unknown in conservative
Christian circles. They believe there is not only very little evidence
but lots of evidence to the contrary. The same is the case with
respect to climate change and evidence-based medicine (the largest
pockets of measles outbreaks are amongst Christian home-schoolers and
a Christian former manager of mine caused an outbreak of whooping
cough in his neighborhood).

Rich Blinne
Member ASA

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