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From: Schwarzwald <>
Date: Thu Oct 15 2009 - 18:40:36 EDT

C'mon Rich. Are you honestly, truly going to draw a line from ID to Bill
Maher? Bill freaking Maher, creator of Religulous?

I don't know if you realize it though, but Bill Maher recently received an
award from Atheist Alliance International. The Richard Dawkins award, and
Dawkins was fully aware Maher would be getting it - and pleaded utter apathy
to Maher's stances on "medical science".

Oh, and the description of this award? Courtesy of the Wikipedia:

"*The Richard Dawkins Award will be given every year to honor an outstanding
atheist whose contributions raise public awareness of the nontheist life
stance; who through writings, media, the arts, film, and/or the stage
advocates increased scientific knowledge; who through work or by example
teaches acceptance of the nontheist philosophy; and whose public posture
mirrors the uncompromising nontheist life stance of Dr. Richard

Advocates increased scientific knowledge, Rich. Oh, incidentally, past
winners of the award? Penn and Teller. Have a look at their stance on global
warming, if you weren't already aware of it.

So, can we say the AAI is wrecking science? Indeed, that Richard Dawkins
himself is helping to contribute to this? Because if you're going to connect
Bill Maher to ID, I'm going to point out Maher is celebrated and legitimized
by others in a more explicit way - and it all serves to back up my point
that this talk of "Science, science, science!" is so very often a

I'll close with an example where many of the canonical roles are reversed.
> Here former Senate Majority Leader and medical doctor Bill Frist tries in
> vain to explain why we need H1N1 vaccines due to the science published in
> peer-reviewed journals to atheist and liberal comedian Bill Maher. Because
> of the damage ID has done to science in general Maher feels qualified to
> judge what Dr. Frist has to say and worse spews dangerous medical advice
> that could kill people.
> Rich Blinne
> Member ASA

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