Re: [asa] Atheist finds God thru Behe's books....

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Thu Oct 15 2009 - 08:55:56 EDT
On this subject I can sympathize both with Bernie and John. 


But I don't see why it is evangelism.  
Evangelism must be about Christ, our lostness and our rescue through His Blood.
this must be the basis of evangelism for all but certain groups need additional matters to be covered.  An intellectual will want to know about a lot of other matters and will want to be sure that they do not have the check their brain at the door.  Someone who was raised in the church may also need many other topics to be dealt with before they can return to the church.

wjp wrote:
What do you take evangelism to be?  Why does it have a 
TE, ID, PC, or YEC flavor?

I agree that for many people, evangelism does not need to come in these flavors but for some it does.  Some groups seem to make YEC belief an integral part of their approach rather than being neutral about origins which I see as a better approach.  IMO making any position on origins an essential part of the gospel is a big mistake.  I think the position taken by the Harsma's in their book has a lot to recommend it. 

Dave W

ps there was more to this post but my mail reader crashed when I tried to send it and I don't have time to recreate it. 
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