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Back around 1976 there was brief excitement about claims of discovery of
superheavy elements in terrestrial giant haloes by Gentry et al. (Yes, that
Gentry.) Of course people then looked for them in a lot of places & one, as
I recall, was some type of shellfish. They didn't succeed & it eventually
turned out to be a non-discovery. (I was involved with this with a couple
of proposed astrophysical sources for such elements.)


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>A couple of minor caveats:
> In addition to 14C, there are some fossils containing radioisotopes
> that can be used for dating. For example, corals often contain enough
> thorium to date, and various types of replacement may involve
> radioactive elements , e.g., the often uranium-rich dinosaur bones in
> parts of the western U.S. or glauconitic molds of marine organisms
> (though of course, the date will reflect when the replacement
> occurred, not the original organism, and glauconite has a number of
> issues).

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