RE: [asa] Atheist finds God thru Behe's books....

From: James Patterson <>
Date: Sun Oct 11 2009 - 07:44:54 EDT

I don't have time to jump into the middle of this at the moment, but I am
about 2/3s of the way thru Behe's "The Edge of Evolution", and so this
thread caught my attention.

> 3. If design is guided, then be prepared to explain
> mass extinctions and evolutionary dead-ends.
> Unless one believes in a recent worldwide flood and
> recent Earth, why else did God make so many
> wonderful creatures long before man even came on
> the scene to enjoy/observe them?

Hugh Ross does that quite well in his books. OEC/TCM answers this question.

> 4. Behe considers intelligent design as a hypothesis
> ...but I admit I also haven't read his books.

I highly recommend The Edge of Evolution. Behe does not deny evolutionary
mechanisms; indeed, he describes some very apparent ones in good detail. I
will leave it there, the title really does say it all.

I've just recently finished reading Meyer's book "Signature in the Cell" as
well as a book by JC Sanford titled "Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the
Genome". These three books by Behe, Meyer, and Sanford, taken together as a
whole describe the extreme mathematical improbability of neoDarwinian
mechanisms as being the mechanism behind common descent.

I recommend that you (ASA as a whole) do as the Bible tells us all to do in
1st Thessalonians. Test everything. Read these books. They certainly
strengthen my belief in an all powerful God, confirm my belief in the basic
tenets of OEC, but also, at least in Behe's book, point out that there is
certainly some truth to be found in neoDarwinian mechanisms. The key there
is *some* truth.

God bless, and sorry I don't have time to follow up on this, I'm busy
writing a manuscript (work related, not apologetics),


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