RE: [asa] Atheist finds God thru Behe's books....

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Date: Fri Oct 09 2009 - 10:50:09 EDT

Two [somewhat pithy?] comments injected below.

Quoting "Dehler, Bernie" <>:

> I saw the video. Some of my comments:
> 1. The whole main thrust of the interview is wonder and awe at mystery.
> Basically, it is "we don't know how Darwinian evolution did it or could do
> it, therefore it must be intelligently designed (by God)." Why not instead
> seek out more evolutionary mechanisms?

I don't think Behe is claiming 'we don't know how... and therefore God did
it...'; rather, the strong ID claim as I understand it is: 'we KNOW Darwinian
evolution can't do it (because of evidence x, y, & z), therefore the explanation
must come from elsewhere...'. How legitimate x,y, & z are in supporting this
claim is what they wish to debate.

> 2. The amazing micromachines, DNA, proteins, etc. Yes it is awesome and
> amazing. But so is the human body, and we thought that was also made
> directly by God (not evolution) before the scientific evidence demonstrated
> it (evolution, by pseudogene evidence) beyond a reasonable doubt.

Christians who fully accept evolutionary explanations never accepted that this
means God didn't create us. There is no mutual exclusivity here --and never has
been. Even ancient Psalmists & prophets praised God for sending rain knowing
full well themselves that rain also comes from clouds. They were way ahead of
you, Bernie. You seemingly haven't yet grasped this, let alone be able to
successfully shoot it down.


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