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Date: Fri Oct 09 2009 - 10:32:41 EDT

"Why is there something instead of nothing."

Also with multiverse theory, another question:

"Why is there something instead of everything."

The answer is, no one knows. You can jump to God or nature, take your pick. Neither is rational. Both are based on metaphysics. Naturalists can't figure out how nature self-booted, and theists can't figure out where God came from (saying God is eternal by definition is hand-waving). We don't know how something can be either eternal or self-starting. It is all metaphysics at that point.


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Just one comment on Bernie's issue.

There is -- really -- only one questiion.

That is: "Why is there anything."

The non-theist must look at that question and either say, "The
question is foolish" or "There is no possible answer."

The theist keeps exploring the question, recognizing that the answer
may be more than he can digest, but that there is at least the
possibility that an answer does exist.

Which is why I moved from atheism to theist when I first began to
think on these things at the ripe old age of 31.

Like CS Lewis, my acceptance of Christianity came later.

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