Re: [asa] The Invention of Lying

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Thu Oct 08 2009 - 14:54:02 EDT

John Burgeson (ASA member) wrote:
> Everything is labeled with truthful names
> -- the old folks home has an enormous sign saying "The place where sad
> old people go to die." Coke is advertised as "flavored sugar water,"
> and Pepsi as "Just as good as Coke."

I've always said that it fine to call a spade a spade but that their is
no need to call it a manure (or worse) shovel. The characters as you
describe it above, seem dedicated to an unnecessary level of precision.

Sounds like an interesting movie, will try to remember to buy it when it
comes out on dvd and is on sale for 10$ or less.

Dave W

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