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Agreed he stays away from controversy just like William Lane Craig and almost all popular apologists but it is a real risk to him to even refer to Collins as a Christian, even moreso one that is a role model to others, moreso an example of genius. If you look at the first comment from one of the viewers on the YouTube page he basically faults Ravi for even mentioning Collins, calling him a trojan horse trying to smuggle evolution into the church.

I agree I would like to see both Ravi and WLC and RTB as well take a more principled stand for the truth of science but as mentioned before it is a theological bridge too far. Maybe one day but it may not be the best advice for these guys as their entire ministries could be lost simply because the church isn't ready for that yet.


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Well, he endorsed Francis Collins, but he didn't endorse evolution at all.  I guess it is too much of a stretch for him, and I find it very ironic and disappointing since he has a show called "let my people think" and he stands for intellectualism.  Apparently, he's afraid to talk about evolution directly.  I used to listen to him a lot and never heard him mention it in any detail... just like he doesn't talk abut it in the video.

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John Walley wrote:
> At this video link below, Ravi Zacharias references Francis Collins' as an example of Christian "genius". It is encouraging to see Collins get embraced at this level of popular evangelicalism by someone with the clout of Ravi.
> And because I happen to have a little history here, I can say that this is indeed a big step for Ravi but I am really glad to see it.
> John

That is good to hear!  Of course, we need to hope that for our YEC 
brethren the emphasis can somehow remain more on the word "Christian"
than on the latter "genius" which by itself fails to impress that
particular audience.


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