Re: [asa] Ravi endorses Collins...

From: Merv Bitikofer <>
Date: Tue Oct 06 2009 - 19:44:23 EDT

John Walley wrote:
> At this video link below, Ravi Zacharias references Francis Collins' as an example of Christian "genius". It is encouraging to see Collins get embraced at this level of popular evangelicalism by someone with the clout of Ravi.
> And because I happen to have a little history here, I can say that this is indeed a big step for Ravi but I am really glad to see it.
> John
That is good to hear! Of course, we need to hope that for our YEC
brethren the emphasis can somehow remain more on the word "Christian"
than on the latter "genius" which by itself fails to impress that
particular audience.


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