[asa] Public Forum on Evolution and Christianity

From: Bill Powers <wjp@swcp.com>
Date: Mon Oct 05 2009 - 08:58:59 EDT

I am in the process of setting up a public forum dedicated to the
discussion of evolution and Christianity.

The purpose of this forum is to openly discuss the challenges that
evolution presents to Christianity, possible forms of a resolution, and
the consequences of those resolutions.

The intention is to bring together as many diverse positions as is
possible, including, YEC, OEC, TE, ID, and Front-loading.

Any other position?

What I'm asking you all for is two things.

1) a construal of evolution that is sufficiently broad to include all
theistic and naturalistic evolutionary models.

2) references that would address each of these responses. I am especially
looking for an unbiased overview, but know of none. What it is very, very
difficult to do is to get people to consider the weaknesses of their
resolutions, which only indicates why this is an important issue. By
weaknesses I do not mean merely intellectual or theological ones. I mean
all the kinds of weaknesses to which humans, even sinful ones, are



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