Re: [asa] Re: Reading Genesis theologically NOT historically

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Sat Oct 03 2009 - 17:35:51 EDT

Hi Greg,

> p.p.s. you wrote: "sin isn't primarily an issue of disobedience but of
> relationship" - this is agreeable. Once you say 'degree' to a
> human-social scientist, however, there is a problem (though admittedly
> not to all of them/us) - it *is* a full-frontal attack on HSS
> sovereignty (even if you didn't know this when you spoke it).

This is a really curious remark - but I suspect my perplexity is due to the brevity of your comment.

There are some things which - without any protestation - are a matter of degree - colours on a spectrum, volume of noise, distance from a fixed point. And I can't imagine that such facts constitute a "full-frontal attack on HSS".

So I can only guess that the issue is that if we can't precisely delineate the "human" then all that is generally regarded as "human" collapses into the merely "natural" leaving no place for a HSS perspective. Is that about it?


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