Re: [asa] (introducing... sin) "Evolutionary Creation" book comments

From: Denis O. Lamoureux <>
Date: Fri Oct 02 2009 - 10:09:19 EDT

 Don writes:

> Clearly the doctrine of original sin as expounded by Augustine, and
> consequently a doctrine of the atonement based on that exposition, is
> inadequate in the light of the fossil record and genetic investigations.

Dear Don,
I completely agree with you regarding Augustine's view of original sin.
In his day, Adam was a scientific fact, and consequently Adam (an ancient
science of human origins) was conflated with the doctrine of sin (the
Message of Faith). Ergo, the doctrine of original sin needs to be freed
from the ancient science and reformulated.

Now, whether or not the doctrine of the atonement needs to be reformulated
is another issue.


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