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Date: Thu Oct 01 2009 - 17:58:51 EDT

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> Jack Jackson

* *Latif opened his presentation by stating: "What you see here is just the
globally averaged temperature during the 20th century. And you can clearly
identify the long-term warming trend, and we all believe that this long-term
warming trend is anthropogenic in nature, is manmade. However, you see also
a lot of fluctuations superimposed on this trend, interannual, as Tim has
pointed out, but also decadal scale variations."

George Will proved the other following comment by Latif right: *Media
mistakenly think of global warming as "a monotonic process," in which "each
year is warmer than the preceding year."

Here's the presentation in question. Go to slide 3.

The so-called "cooling" is where the last decade lifted above the trend line
and is now settling back to it. Randy, you're absolutely right. They have no

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