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From: Dehler, Bernie <>
Date: Thu Oct 01 2009 - 12:53:01 EDT

Murray - let me ask you this pointedly, and see if you can be precise.

How exactly did sin enter the world? Please be specific and describe the actual reality, not in analogy.

I will also tell you my understanding.

Denis Lamoureux said the inerrant theological truth to the origin of sin was that it was introduced by humans (I can quote it if you want), although he won't explain the details. Do you agree? If so, explain how humans introduced sin into the world.

I will then explain how we can know that humans did not introduce sin into the world.

My counter-point to Lamoureux is that the idea of humans introducing sin into the world, using his own hermeneutics, should be classified as "ancient" (and incorrect I might add) theology. (Lamoureux and I both agree there was no literal Adam or first human.)


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Dehler, Bernie wrote:
> Therefore, to be precise, the Adam of that story was not a real guy, because the story is not real. It is merely a parable using well-known existing characters. Am I correct?

Actually, to be precise, you are committing a category error.

The claim "the story is not real" merely begs the question "real in what sense?"

To which your answer, as far as I can tell, is "real in the sense modern history is real"

My response: It's not modern history, thus your question ("was Adam real") presumes a category error and allows of no answer.

There is, simply put, NO WAY to tell from Genesis 1/2 whether Adam was a "real" person even though, from what we know of pre-modern oral tradition, it is highly unlikely that such a significant story would be attached to an entirely fictitious figure.


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