Re: [asa] Brain and Determinism

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Thu Oct 01 2009 - 09:21:45 EDT

>>> David Clounch <> 9/30/2009 11:25 PM >>> writes:

I am reading Polkinghorne and Beale's 51 Questions book (Title is Questions
of Truth, Fifty-one responses to Questions about God, Science, and Belief).
I almost immediately went to the Appendices first because of the way they
approach the subject. In appendix B there is a section called Clocks and
Clouds, the idea being the universe sometimes behaves like a clock, and
sometimes behaves like a cloud.


Ted comments:

I recently reviewed this book for the online version of "First Things" magazine, and I was also struck by the discussion of indeterminism that David highlighted in the full version of the post I quote above. Perhaps I was alerted to this topic already, from having written about it recently in PSCF. The latest (Sept) issue includes the second part of my essay on Arthur Compton's religious beliefs. At the end, I mention Sir Karl Popper's Compton memorial lecture at Washington University (St Louis), published as a booklet called "Of Clouds and Clocks" in 1966. I think we can assume that Polkinghorne and Beale are citing that work implicitly. If this particular topic catches your attention, you may want to read the essay in PSCF.

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