[asa] Relax, CO2 is Good for You!

From: Dave Wallace <wmdavid.wallace@gmail.com>
Date: Wed Sep 30 2009 - 06:49:37 EDT

This strikes me as immoral.

> The Washington Post reports
> <http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/09/24/AR2009092404797.html?sub=AR>
> that long-time oil industry executive H. Leighton Steward has teamed
> with Corbin J. Robertson Jr., chief executive of and leading
> shareholder in Natural Resource Partners, a Houston-based owner of
> coal resources, to get out the message that higher CO2 levels will
> actually help the Earth's ecosystems. They have invested $1 million
> into two new organizations, one to lobby, one to educate the public.
> How lucky we are that these fearless oil and coal industry executives
> are leading this charge for truth.
I voted yes that this add will influence people, meaning that it will
increase distrust of the oil industry if the above individuals are
actually financing the ads.

Even for someone with reservations about the AGW this ad if true sounds
like a very bad idea as it seems to suggest we should increase CO2

Dave W

ps I copied Glenn so that we might here a response from him.

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