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By the way, even Rush Limbaugh seems to have been on welfare after being
laid off from the Kansas City Royals. I guess it is hard to live a
consistent life (particularly for someone capable of saying that the
soldiers torturing prisoners at Guantanamo were simply having a good time).

Speaking of slippery slope, people could argue for that for pretty much
everything a government does. For instance, why let the State choose what to
teach children in public schools?

Why not taking a scientific approach and assessing the effects of different
types of welfare in different countries, instead of simply arguing what-ifs?


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On 9/26/09, Alexanian, Moorad <> wrote:
> I had no health care until I got my first job after my Ph.D., which was my
> choice. I suppose, if I had died before that time, I would have become
> of the 45,000.

What if you had been hit by a car whose driver was uninsured and had,
as a result, $100,000 of medical bills? I suppose you would have
declared bankruptcy and gone on with your life. But without insurance,
I doubt if you would have gotten adaquate treatment, outside or the
E.R. or therapy thereafter as few health providers can afford to give
their services for free (they must eat, too).

So, to some extent, I see you as freeloading during those days. I
hasten to add that I did the same thing; I was not particularly aware
of the issues in those days.

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