Re: [asa] A caution about the conversation on the "soul" and Christianity

From: John Burgeson (ASA member) <>
Date: Fri Sep 25 2009 - 08:12:48 EDT

On 9/24/09, Ted Davis <> wrote:

"I understand, Bernie, that you have been on a spiritual journey, and
I don't dismiss the importance of being honest about the general fact
of this or the details of your journey. For the purposes of the ASA
list, however, we really have no interest -- zero -- in helping you to
build a case against Christianity. It's one thing to talk about
various conceptions of "soul" and how they relate to biblical
statements. A lot of our members are interested in that topic, and we
can discuss it here. However, the spirit of that discussion needs to
be aimed at helping people (including our members) to think
Christianly about the world. That's why the ASA exists.It's another
thing entirely to provide grist for someone's mill, if someone is
aiming to "build a case against Christianity." We aren't going to
support that."

Do I understand you, Ted, to be saying that there is only one way of
understanding; that Christianity is that way, and that no dissent from
that position will be tolerated?

If that is so, it may be time to leave the ASA. Bernie has given us
all a lot to think about. I benefit from his struggles, even as I
don't see my own faith under attack nor being in any danger of
collapse. If we can't answer Bernie (and others) perhaps we ought to
retreat into fundamentalism. I won't go there myself.

My 2c worth. I think your dismissal of Brenie from this dialog is way off base.

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