[asa] A caution about the conversation on the "soul" and Christianity

From: Ted Davis <TDavis@messiah.edu>
Date: Thu Sep 24 2009 - 16:44:16 EDT


You stated in a recent post:

"As I build my case against Christianity, those will be the two foundations, I think... because it strikes at the heart of Christianity (atonement and resurrection). The reason I'm building a case is because if I'm going to be an anti-Christ (but still a good person), I better have a good reason for it."

I understand, Bernie, that you have been on a spiritual journey, and I don't dismiss the importance of being honest about the general fact of this or the details of your journey. For the purposes of the ASA list, however, we really have no interest -- zero -- in helping you to build a case against Christianity. It's one thing to talk about various conceptions of "soul" and how they relate to biblical statements. A lot of our members are interested in that topic, and we can discuss it here. However, the spirit of that discussion needs to be aimed at helping people (including our members) to think Christianly about the world. That's why the ASA exists.

It's another thing entirely to provide grist for someone's mill, if someone is aiming to "build a case against Christianity." We aren't going to support that.

I agree, Bernie, that you are (as you say) a good person. At least, you are probably as "good" as me or most of our members -- keeping in mind that none of us is "good" in a deeper, biblical sense. As someone made in the image of God (though I grant you might no longer say that), you need to be treated by us with respect. However, in turn, we ask that you treat us here with respect, by not using us in order to advance a personal agenda that is directly opposed to ours.

I'm not going to toss a yellow or red card in your direction, since you haven't violated our expectations of courteous and respectful dialogue. But, I do want everyone to understand that we aren't going to continue a conversation that seems to be focused on helping you defeat what the ASA is about. The thread on the soul is closed, Bernie, as far as you are concerned. If someone else wants to continue it and take it in a new direction, without your participation, that's fine -- but give it a new heading.

You're still welcome to say things on other threads, Bernie, but with a similar caution in effect: the ASA is about advancing a Christian understanding of the sciences. If you aren't interested in contributing to that, it might be time to go somewhere else.

ASA president

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