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We have been watching the Truth Project videos as a family, and have gotten
over halfway through. The science videos (2 sessions in the series) are the
ones that I have objected to the most so far, but they weren't tremendously
objectionable. All in all I agreed with much of the philosophical
objectives but several of the arguments. They focused primarily on the
falsity of evolutionism as a justification for atheism, and the inference of
God from the wonder of creation. They did rely on several standard
Intelligent Design arguments, and questioning "Darwinian evolution" (lack of
evidence for Darwin's predicted gradualism), and blaming it for the ills of


Jon Tandy


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I'll second that recommendation - this whole series by Wright is excellent
(The New Testament and the People of God; Jesus and the Victory of God; The
Resurrection of the Son of God). There are (I believe) two more books in
this series yet to be completed. The second book, (JVG) had a huge impact on
my thinking. I was put on to Wright by Gordon Fee - another authour I would
heartily endorse...

Of course, the downside is that now I notice shoddy theology as well as
shoddy science from the pulpit... sigh. My church is currently lock, stock &
barrel into The Truth Project from Focus on the Family. Does anyone know of
good resources that respond to this series? I have mostly heard about the
science section, for obvious reasons, but I strongly suspect there will be
other "problems" with the other sections.


On 18/09/09 10:05 AM, "Pete Enns" <> wrote:

This may be old news, and I've only skimmed the emails this week, but N. T.
Wright's 800 page analysis of the resurrection is a breath of fresh air and
exhilarating (The Resurrection of the Son of God, 2003). It is a seminary
education for about $20.00

Pete Enns

On Sep 18, 2009, at 12:24 PM, Ted Davis wrote:

The short answer I offer to John Walley and others, concerning whether or
not there are sensible, coherent places to anchor Christian faith, with
science fully embraced--including faith in the central event of Christian
history, the resurrection--is found here:

For a longer answer, you need to read some of Polkinghorne's better books.
His newest, which I reviewed, would be a good starting place. It's
important to realize that, for P as for myself, it isn't Darwin or Newton or
Einstein that presents the main challenge to biblical faith; it's David
Hume. Many contemporary Christian thinkers, including P, provide good
reasons to show a little scepticism toward Hume's scepticism. That is the
key to it, from my perspective.


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