Re: [asa] RE: (fall-away) TE and apologetics

From: John Burgeson (ASA member) <>
Date: Fri Sep 18 2009 - 16:25:41 EDT

If I understand you, Bernie, you went through these steps:

1 The Bible is inerrant.
2 Some of the scientific atatements in the Bible are incorrect.
3 Some of the biblical statements about history are incorrect
4 Therefore the Bible is not inerrant.
5 Therefore the theology (as you understand it) in the Bible must also
be incorrect.
6 Therefore it is not possible(intellectually) to be a Christian.

Do I have it about right?

I went through points 1-4 myself, some years ago. I did not hang up on
#5 because I had studied enough that I recognized that "theologies"
are man-made, not God-made, and that there are almost an infinite
number of theologies that one can construct from the Bible.

Theology, to me, is terribly interesting, but not terribly important.
One of the most incisive comment I have encountered about this issue
was penned by Nathanial Hawthorne. . "So long as an unlettered soul
can attain
to saving grace there would seem to be no deadly error in holding
theological libraries to be accumulations of, for the most part,
stupendous impertinence. -- Hawthorne (Preface to Twice-told Tales)

Another quotation:

I do not place my faith in writings, nor in creeds, nor in the
statements of scholars and philosophers, but in the living and present
Christ, infinitely beyond any human expression. Soli Deo Gloria
(author unknown)

"God" is just our name for the devine infinite. It does not define Him.

Joan of Arc, when asked by the bishops "Do you not believe that what
you call your voice from God is really nothing more than your
imagination?" To this she replied, "Of course it is my imagination.
How else does God speak to us?"



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