Re: [asa] RE: TE and apologetics

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Fri Sep 18 2009 - 12:24:03 EDT

The short answer I offer to John Walley and others, concerning whether or not there are sensible, coherent places to anchor Christian faith, with science fully embraced--including faith in the central event of Christian history, the resurrection--is found here:

For a longer answer, you need to read some of Polkinghorne's better books. His newest, which I reviewed, would be a good starting place. It's important to realize that, for P as for myself, it isn't Darwin or Newton or Einstein that presents the main challenge to biblical faith; it's David Hume. Many contemporary Christian thinkers, including P, provide good reasons to show a little scepticism toward Hume's scepticism. That is the key to it, from my perspective.


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