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Date: Fri Sep 18 2009 - 09:49:39 EDT

See Gordon Glover's Evolutionary Creation video,
creation-video/, if you haven't already. "14 billion years of natural
history in less than 9 minutes, as seen through the lens of the person and
work of Christ."

Jon Tandy

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I guess Billy Graham is the most popular evangelist and he's supposed to be
neutral (or agnostic) on evolution. He just starts with sin, and doesn't
say where it comes from.

YEC's involved in evangelism have a story for how sin entered the world and
tie it in to a gospel presentation. I was wondering how an evolutionist
could tie evolution into a gospel presentation, and if any evangelists have
done it, to give a alternative to the Ken Ham evangelism approach. It seems
like the alternative to the Ham approach is to be agnostic- not mention
where/how sin arose, just start with "we are sinners."

Ironically, the Discovery Institute seems to accept an old age for the
earth, but when it comes to the gospel, they prefer a literal Adam
introducing death and sin into the world, judging from Nancy Pearcy's book
"Total Truth." But I know they have a diversity of opinion at the DI.


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