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Burgy -

There's some material on this in Hallman's _The Descent of God_, which deals with the idea of divine suffering especially in the early church. I'm away from home right now & can't give more detail. The idea of the suffering of God in Whitehead's process philosophy is quite explicitly influenced by "the Galilean ordin ofr Christianity" (his phrase) but Gandhi was positively influenced by Jesus as well & he wasn't a Christian.


---- "John Burgeson (ASA member)" <> wrote:
> George == you commented that Whitehead was not a Christian? Did he
> ever make this particular claim? Just asking -- I studied his writings
> a few years ago and I really don't remember. I think he thought great
> thoughts -- but was not too well versed in explaining them to others.
> At least not to me! <G>
> Burgy

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