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From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Wed Sep 16 2009 - 16:14:49 EDT


I have never felt you beholden to agree with anyone especially me! However
you are always open to others even in disagreement. More of this disagreeing
fellowship is needed but not disagreeable fellowship!

If someone tried to lockstep you would go the other way:)

More importantly we need to watch for those whose faith is wavering and this
is especially those sliding out of an evangelical perspective and don't see
George Murphy or Lamouroux as a good buffer

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One of the ASA's tenets is "Faith seeking understanding." I find that
Bernie's posts sometimes help me advance along that road. Fellowship,
to me, does not mean we must all be in lockstep.

David's extreme fundamentalism is also a help. As do others here.
Probably he would objectto the description. I describe it as it
appears to me. It does not impede our fellowship in any way.

On 9/16/09, David Clounch <> wrote:
> Bernie,
> David said:
> “I'd like to ask if there is any tenet of Christianity you would defend as
> being true? “
> I’m in the state of mind now that I’m against the beliefs of all ‘revealed
> religions,’ but I think there is some good stuff in there. For example,
> in
> Christianity, I like the ideas of “the fruit of the spirit” and focus on
> emotional maturity.
> My response to that is the apostle Paul wrote about how if Jesus didn't
> rise
> from the dead then faith is all in vain. That certainly would apply to
> what you are saying here too. Christianity *is* the messiah. Without Him
> there isn't any truth in Christianity - it's all a bunch of flowers and
> rosey feelings and garbage. A human made religion. So what you are saying
> is what you like about it is the human made religion part. Thats what I
> meant when I referred previously to Churchianity.
> That's watered down Christianity (what CS Lewis calls "Christianity and
> water" - the analog of scotch and water). You've been taken for a ride by
> western secular culture Bernie.
> I'm going to try to make this my very last response to you. Maybe if you
> were to show that you have absorbed some of CS Lewis's works I'd change my
> mind. But I have to cut it off for now.

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