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From: Dehler, Bernie <>
Date: Tue Sep 15 2009 - 11:52:07 EDT

David said:
"I'd like to ask if there is any tenet of Christianity you would defend as being true? "

I'm in the state of mind now that I'm against the beliefs of all 'revealed religions,' but I think there is some good stuff in there. For example, in Christianity, I like the ideas of "the fruit of the spirit" and focus on emotional maturity.

As for fellowship on this list, I would hope the fellowship is in truth seekers honestly seeking answers to questions dealing with religion/science. I'm still learning a lot and appreciate the feedback. I know of no other group that consists of educated Christians in science willing to discuss these things.

I know I can be a threat to those who are defensive only. Some are only in it for validation and don't want to hear anything contrarywise, and so they have a very low tolerance for difference of opinion. But I think such a person needs to grow up and not be catered to. Let them stay in the local church where people are afraid to talk about difficult issues because it may bring disunity.


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I'd like to ask if there is any tenet of Christianity you would defend as being true? Can you list some of them? I think its important to understand if there is any common ground, in the interest of, as George and others put it, fellowship.

Dave C

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