Re: [asa] Evolution Conference Washington, DC - language confusion

From: Schwarzwald <>
Date: Mon Sep 14 2009 - 20:22:02 EDT

Heya all,

Jumping in here on one point.

> And then you named Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, who was disciplined for his
> views by the Roman Catholic Church because they were possibly inconsistent
> with Christian theology, while you suggest they *are* consistent with
> Christian theology. We will have to have this out one day George because
> Teilhard is a controversial figure and his process-orientation is *huge* in
> his approach.

Catholic as I am, I have to mention that the Roman Catholic Church is
concerned with Catholic theology, not simply Christian theology. If Chardin
was promoting salvation by faith alone, his view would still be 'Christian
theology'. It would not be Catholic theology. And even the condemnation was
not complete - as in, not every idea that Chardin discussed was necessarily
incompatible even with Catholic theology.

Either way, the result is that Teilhard's case is complicated. That the RCC
condemned him does not mean he wasn't promoting a Christian theological
concept, nor does it mean that all of his writing/understanding is
incompatible with more specifically Catholic theological concepts. On the
other hand, it doesn't mean that everything Chardin wrote was distinctively
Christian, or compatible with orthodox Christianity/Catholicism either.

I will say that Chardin's view of evolution puts him in sharp opposition to
Darwin's view of evolution. But then, as I've said before on this list, who
cares what Darwin thinks?

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