Re: [asa] NASA - Climate Simulation Computer Becomes More Powerful

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Date: Fri Sep 11 2009 - 10:15:17 EDT

... and idiots can do a lot of damage if not constrained! <G>

On 9/11/09, Alexanian, Moorad <> wrote:
> Long ago, Bernie Alder, who did very pioneering work in computer simulations
> of hard disks and spheres, referred to computers as fast idiots. I have yet
> to hear a more accurate description than that.
> Moorad
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> The complexity of Deep Blue was greater than its creators in the sense of
> being able to calculate an enormous number of possible scenarios and
> calculate all their weighting values. No human can do that. But humans have
> a much better intuitive sense of figuring it out without such brute force
> calculations. That's a complexity no computer can touch.
> I've witnessed several cycles of "great disappointments" concerning
> artificial intelligence, particularly AI that had little or no constraints.
> People tried to give a program some axioms and see if it could reconstruct
> Euclid to no avail. On the other hand if an inference engine is more tightly
> constrained like some medical diagnosis programs more progress was made
> (this is not unlike the Big Blue example above). Everything was in the
> extrinsic weighting values. The inference engine, genetic algorithm, or game
> tree search itself is pretty stupid and contained little information.
> Likewise in Dembsky's latest IEEE paper active information comes
> extrinsically from the environment and not intrinsically from the genetic
> code. Thus, no matter how "powerful" your computer is you cannot achieve
> true intelligence from it other than the faux one like ELIZA playing the
> Rogerian psychotherapist. Once the author of ELIZA, Joseph Weizenbaum, saw
> that he left the field in disgust. I do find hooking PARRY up to ELIZA
> amusing, though. :-)
> Rich Blinne
> Member ASA

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