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This is clearly an excellent conference on the scientific aspects of evolution and I would love to be able to go.

The two women from Harvard are excellent scholars.

There is great value in conferences which look at wider aspects of Darwin and evolution like the conference I have just attended in Germany (with one from Leningrad) . There was no science in it but it was most instructive.

I do not know what Gregory is going on about, but that is what soap boxes are for:)
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  The following Smithsonian event this coming Saturday, Sept. 12 (8:30am - 5:00pm) is free and open to the public:

  Topic: Since Darwin: the Evolution of Evolution

  Location: Natural History Museum; Baird Auditorium

                          (ground floor; enter from Constitution Avenue)


        Saturday, September 12, 2009, 8:30am – 5pm

       Natural History Museum
        Event Location
       Baird Auditorium, Ground Floor (enter from Constitution Ave.)
       Free; first come, first served

       Since Darwin: The Evolution of Evolution

       Natural History Museum scientists Dr. Hans-Dieter Sues (associate director for Research and Collections) and Dr. Douglas Erwin (curator, Department of Paleobiology) host a symposium celebrating the bicentennial of Charles Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his book On the Origin of Species. This all-day event features talks by internationally renowned experts from the museum and other institutions.

        Morning Session:
        - 8:30-8:45: Cristian Samper (director, NMNH): Introduction
        - 8:45-9:30: Janet Browne (Department of the History of Science, Harvard University): Two hundred years of Darwin: the role of anniversaries in the history of biology
        - 9:30-10:00: Jonathan Coddington (Department of Entomology, NMNH): Darwin's tree
        - 10:00-10:20: Coffee break
        - 10:20-10:50: Gene Hunt (Department of Paleobiology, NMNH): The fossil record and the evolution of species
        - 10:50-11:20: Jim Lake (Molecular Biology Institute, University of California at Los Angeles): Selection for cooperation in the first two billion years
        - 11:20-11:50: Peter Crane (Department of Geophysical Sciences, University of Chicago): No longer mysterious? An update on the origin and early evolution of angiosperms
        - 11:50-12:00: Questions for morning session

        - 12:00-1:30: Lunch break

        Afternoon Session:
        - 1:30-2:00: Douglas Erwin (Department of Paleobiology, NMNH): The challenge of the Cambrian Explosion: the construction of animal biodiversity
        - 2:00-2:30: Naomi Pierce (Museum of Comparative Zoology and Department of Organismal and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University): Nabokov meets Darwin: origin and evolution of blue butterflies
        - 2:30-3:00: Per Ahlberg (Evolutionary Biology Centre, Uppsala University): When fins became feet: fossils, genes, and the move from water to land
        - 3:00-3:20: Coffee break
        - 3:20-3:50: Hans Sues (associate director for Research and Collections, NMNH): Unearthing mammalian origins: the fossil record of a major evolutionary transition
        - 3:50-4:20: Richard Potts (Department of Anthropology, NMNH): 'Light would be thrown on the origin ...': what we have learned about human evolution since Darwin
        - 4:20-4:30: Questions for afternoon session
        - 4:30-5:00: General discussion moderated by Drs. Sues and Erwin

  Dick Fischer

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