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From: David Clounch <>
Date: Thu Sep 10 2009 - 16:32:30 EDT


I really like this.

However, b/c the Christian God is also free -- note this crucial rejection
of Plato's assumption of necessity (above), the creation is a free
expression, not a necessarily existing thing whose nature is partly
determined by pre-existing materials. This God is free to act in ways that
are not rationally necessary. Thus the creation has elements of
contingency: its very existence, and its precise nature, are both products
of the divine will, which is not wholly subject to reason. Thus, the only
kind of "science" that we can have, is a science of rational empiricism
applied to a contingent order. In other words, the very possibility of
modern science as we know it is implicit within a classical Christian
conception of God, humanity, and nature. Not so for Plato, and not so for
other conceptions in which God does not create ex nihilo.

Excellent point! This concept of contingency is something all all ASA
members agree upon regardless of how much we disagree on any other points
(YEC,OEC,ID,TE, etc). It is part of the statement of faith every ASA member

I have come to suspect the principle is also consistent with Barr's idea of
Christian naturalism, although Barr isn't an ASA member. So a broad brush
spectrum of Christianity s/b able to join the ASA.

Dave C

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