Re: [asa] NASA - Climate Simulation Computer Becomes More Powerful

From: Randy Isaac <>
Date: Thu Sep 10 2009 - 11:56:31 EDT

  It's a Linpack performance benchmark. More details at So it is a representative performance
of a dense system of linear equtions. They also give a theoretical peak
performance but the Linpack measurements is the main criterion.


> What exactly do these numbers represent? Are they the peak number of fp
> ops per second if all goes just exactly right eg no cache misses... you
> know the drill? Are they an expected peak number of fp ops/sec under some
> reasonable assumptions? Lastly does anyone actually measure the number of
> fp ops/sec that the application programs actually obtain?
> I thought Rich's report that the Intel gaming vector floating point
> instructions were being used for climate modeling was interesting. Years
> ago when I was looking at the IA32 instructions I wondered if using these
> vector instructions might pay off for numerical computation.
> Dave W

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