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From: David Clounch <>
Date: Tue Sep 08 2009 - 15:38:07 EDT

On Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 2:05 PM, Ted Davis <> wrote:

> I thank George Murphy for very clearly stating his own, accurate,
> impression of what ASA is about. We are here to facilitate fellowship and
> the exchange of ideas about science & Christian faith among Christian
> scientists and certain "others" (I'm "other" since I am not a scientist).
> We also exist in order to be a resource to the larger body of Christ, and
> (as part of that) to help create some resources -- such as our journal,
> PSCF, and the web site.
> We don't have the resources to do much more than this, so we try to focus
> on doing that much as well as we can.
> Ted
> Thought so.....

so.....This is what I wrote originally:


I think if a question and it's answer are important enough then one
doesn't leave it to exist only in an email chat room.

Thus I was suggesting an FAQ and a process that develops an FAQ might
possibly be a worthy goal.

May I try to use an analogy? People criticize wikipedia for low quality.
But imagine if the next time you look something up on wikipedia, what if
wikipedia had been just an email discussion? "Wiki" is more than a
database driven website. It is also a community process. Well, a majordomo
(as in this list) is also a community process. The difference, that is the
major difference, is in what is produced.

You mention limited energy of members. Well, the people who "pound the keys"
are on this list. I'm fantasizing that if 1% of their energy were spent
producing something like an FAQ for the ASA, then the ASA would benefit.
You are right, that is up to the ASA leadership to decide. But the energy
is located here. Seems to me they need the help of the people here. Thats
why I mentioned an FAQ idea here rather than to the ASA leadership. If 5 ASA
members here were to say to themselves "hey, how could we go about creating
an FAQ?" then that might actually offload a burden from Randy and Ted. I'm
not saying to do that without their permission. But I'm also not saying one
has to wait for them to do absolutely everything themselves.

[end original]

So I wasn't criticising Randy and Ted or PSCF.
I do have issues with how one finds fellowship with folks who think
Christianity is all bunk and basically untrue. If the purpose of the list
is to answer them then, well, thats one thing.

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