Re: [asa] 10 Books That Screwed Up the World

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Tue Sep 08 2009 - 10:07:45 EDT

I am in general not impressed with Ben Wiker's understanding of early modern sources, such as Descartes (in this particular book) or Boyle and Newton (in his earlier book, "Moral Darwinism." I've commented on the latter at length in the fairly distant past. The fact that Descartes was a serious theist who used scepticism to undermine scepticism -- including scepticism about God -- is apparently all it takes for Wiker to put "Discourse on Method" on his own little version of the Index, or at least on the list of other candidates.

You can get noticed by the herd, if you speak loudly and often enough. That doesn't constitute a license to read the sources as you like it.


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