[asa] Meyer on C-SPAN2

From: Randy Isaac <randyisaac@comcast.net>
Date: Sat Sep 05 2009 - 22:41:20 EDT

I just finished watching Steve Meyer discussing his book "Signature in the Cell" on BookTV on C-SPAN2. It was recorded at the Seattle Art Museum on July 21. I highly recommend that any of you interested in this topic watch it. It will be aired 3 more times this weekend. The schedule is:

* Saturday, September 5th at 7pm (ET)
* Sunday, September 6th at 7am (ET)
* Monday, September 7th at 12pm (ET)
* Tuesday, September 8th at 12am (ET)

Meyer is an excellent speaker and he did a great job summarizing his book. If you don't have the time and inclination to buy and read the book, at least see this summary. The last slide nets out the key ID argument, from his perspective.

In particular, note the Q&A. The second question concerns the connection with Francis Collins and the answer is worth watching the show. Other questions relate to Dawkin's view of randomness. And there's a question about ID being a god of the gaps argument. Record it if you can.

Perhaps segments will be posted on YouTube soon, if they haven't already. But do watch this if you get a chance. It's an important backdrop to any discussion of the topic of DNA information, whether you agree or disagree.


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