Re: [asa] Re: good atheists?

From: Cogan, Susan L. <>
Date: Fri Sep 04 2009 - 15:57:53 EDT

>> I'm not aware of atheist celebrities doing good works based on their
>> worldview.

That's because atheism isn't really a worldview. There are plenty of
secular, possibly atheist, philanthropists (Bill Gates, Warren Buffett,
George Soros, etc) Goodwill was founded by an atheist. But nobody does good
works *because* they are an atheist. Nobody develops an urge to be
benevolent because they don't believe in Santa Claus. They develop an urge
to be benevolent from a love of mankind. You don't have to believe in gods
to feel compassion.

>>> Dr. Campbell said:
>>> "The atheism meme seems to overlap with a lot of human sacrifice, too,
>>> though in the form of guillotines, genocide, gulags, etc. rather than
>>> on a physical altar."
>>> I think it is a shame to blame genocide on atheism just as it is to blame
>>> the Crusades on Christianity. Both atheism and Christianity have been used
>>> to instigate evil, but they have also both been used to instigate good.

I disagree that atheism instigates ANYTHING other than the wearing of
humorous t-shirts. Sounds like Dr. Campbell needs to look up "iron maiden"
and "auto de fe."

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