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That is correct. All morality is man-made. Who else? We are the ones who benefit from it.

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I believe atheists have no source for the usage of neither moral terms nor morality in general. It has to be spun out of one's head. That is, it would be purely man-made.


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Another response that came to me, regarding "Are atheists good?"

For Christians, being good is a major pillar of the faith. So therefore, they use this paradigm to evaluate other religious views- how good are you? Are you "gooder?" It is a reasonable question.

However, atheists seem to have a different pillar. Their pillar is science and reason. So they would ask others, like Christians, "How well do you use logic and science?" It is also a good question.

Evangelical Christians do fall flat on this charge. Admit it. Christian Professor Mark Noll has laid out the case, author of "The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind."

And yes, there are some smart Christians, just like there are some 'good' atheists. One example of such a group is the ASA. However, please notice this. The ASA was formed out of a need, and they have a niche business being in the 'academic Christian' arena because this arena is so undernourished in churches at large. The churches at large seem to nurture the so called "scandal of the evangelical mind."

I think it is both sad and pathetic when Christian experts, like ANE manuscript expert Kenton Sparks, even admits there is this academic ignorance within churches and even recommends ignorance as a policy, since the material is hard to grasp and if not dealt with correctly could lose souls. I have disgust with anyone who supports a policy of ignorance.

Sparks' otherwise fantastic book:
"Ancient Texts For The Study Of The Hebrew Bible: A Guide To The Background Literature"


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