Re: [asa] Dembski on ID & TE

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Fri Sep 04 2009 - 11:30:51 EDT

> The article by Dembski is highly consistent with Meyer’s new book “Signature
> in the Cell”. Dembski’s conceptualization of information is a supporting
> parallel to Meyer’s work. However there’s another article on UD that is of
> great interest, and perhaps appropriate to this conversation:
> This is from Sanford’s book “Genetic Entropy and The Mystery of the Genome”.
> Interesting read, and even more interesting – Sanford is YEC.

The vast majority of small organisms, including almost all insects,
weeds, etc., went extinct in Adam's lifetime.

Human population growth has nearly stopped due to the accumulated
harmful mutations.

If you doubt the veracity of either of those implications of Sanford's
claims, you may not be so likely to respect his book.

He claims that mutations are overwhelmingly harmful and cannot be
gotten rid of, e.g., by crossing over. As a result, species should go
extinct in about 300 generations. It's conspicuously written to
support YEC, not to support serious scrutiny.

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