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Thanks for your response.

Whilst I appreciate what you have to say concerning CSI, causal adequacy, causal existence and probabilistic resources, I believe the procedures followed in our courts of law in respect of circumstantial evidence to be the more appropriate means of establishing the veracity of my thesis.

Since writing, it has occurred to me that a change of emphasis on my part might help reconcile our differences. Let me explain: the central fact we have before us is that, mapped onto the opening words of a large book which claims to be divinely inspired, and which Christians hold dear, is a small set of integers that defines a numero-geometric structure crammed with absolute features of a rare, even unique, character. In my earlier writings I have referred to this package as N-R* and, hitherto, have regarded it as merely playing a supporting role to the Hebrew words from which it springs. This has been a mistake on my part, for, clearly, in that N-R existed as a mathematical entity long before the writing of Genesis, it must in essence be independent of it! It was thus I stumbled upon N-R, not fully realising its true significance.

Of N-R's existence, there can be no doubt. That it is jam-packed with information of special interest to mathematicians is manifestly true. And of the fact that the ratio of the volume of this information to the size of the generating set is exceptionally high, there can be little argument; indeed, it is highly probable that N-R is unique in this respect. It is therefore a structure that should draw the attention of all who seek evidence of extra-terrestial intelligence - whether among the stars, or closer to home - since, used as a beacon, it is capable of functioning as a primary interface between alien beings.

That such a structure should be found to map precisely onto both the Genesis 1:1+ sequence (i.e. the Bible's first verse and next following word) and certain metric dimensions of a modern artefact (the A4 sheet of cut paper) are clearly matters of some consequence!! I therefore make no apologies for continuing to press these matters for I believe this demonstration of the self-authenticating nature of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures to be of vital importance in any meaningful search for Truth. And because, in particular, the implications of this seriously undermine the TE position, I suggest that an ASA-sponsored exchange of views between people fully acquainted with the details of my work is highly desirable. I trust you will agree.


* N-R (formed from the letters of the Hebrew word rn (meaning 'lamp' - a source of light) designates the set of 8 integers {913, 203, 86, 401, 395, 407, 296, 302}. Its salient numero-geometric properties may be found detailed in the set of pages beginning

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    We've been over this territory many times before and I would simply reiterate my view that this is not an appropriate topic "to be freely acknowledged, debated and proclaimed by ASA." It is, however, an example of "complex specified information (CSI)" as Dembski and Meyer would define it. Meyer points out in his latest book, with reference to Charles Lyell and to Michael Scriven, that in a case of CSI one must also establish causal adequacy and causal existence before concluding that such a causal agent was involved. More relevant to this situation, Meyer follows Dembski in pointing out that the "probabilistic resources" must also be shown to be inadequate to explain the complexity. As others have pointed out to you in the past, this has not been done. All that aside, I see no connection between the details you cite and God's revelation of himself to all mankind.

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    In the context of the current discussion it is clear to me that the Bible is far more informative than has been appreciated hitherto - this being exemplified by certain facts which arise from the fair reading of its first 8 Hebrew words (i.e. Genesis 1:1 and next following word - here designated Genesis 1:1+) as numbers*, thus:


    Fact 1: these numbers define a symmetrical structure of coordinated numerical geometries in which the figurately-unique number, 37, appears as an abundant factor.


    Fact 2: the same number, 37, is observed to be a factor of both name and title of our Creator, Jesus Christ - as represented in Greek in both New Testament and Septuagint.


    Fact 3: the same number, 37, is observed to be significant in the structures of both DNA and RNA.


    Fact 4: the same number, 37, is a feature of the standard music keyboard.


    Fact 5: the Genesis 1:1+ number set may be simply derived from the metric dimensions of an abundant artefact - the A4 sheet of cut paper; further, an arrangement of 8 A4 sheets delivers the numbers 1260 and 666 which occur together in Rev.12:6 and 13:18.

    Fact 6: intriguingly, a common formula applied to the letters and words of Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1, respectively, generates good approximations of the universal constants p and e




    I suggest this selection of features represents an impressive body of circumstantial evidence which should, at the very least, help all rational beings understand that the Bible is no ordinary book. But, clearly, there is much more to be gleaned from a study of these facts; and that is where all forums dedicated to the pursuit of Truth have an essential part to play. Randy, I hope you will agree with me that this 'light' deserves no longer to be 'hid under a bushel', but rather to be freely acknowledged, debated and proclaimed by ASA.




    *These transforms based on the fact that, circa 200BC, a scheme of alphabetic numeration was introduced into Jewish society (essentially based upon the earlier Greek model) whereby every Hebrew letter was made to function also as a numeral.


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