[asa] Defendscience vs. Collins

From: George Cooper <georgecooper@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Thu Sep 03 2009 - 10:40:01 EDT

I was disappointed to receive the following article from Defend Science,
which attacks Collins and obfuscates the delineation between science and

 "Francis Collins Appointed as Director of NIH: Science is Attacked Under
the Banner of "the compatibility of science and religion"


"Collins' "harmony" is not good for science.


 [Collins'] reference to "atheistic materialism" serves to delegitimize core
principles of the scientific method and to legitimize the introduction of
god as a hypothesis in science."


All this has set Obama and his administration in opposition to consistently
upholding core principles of science. In the context we find ourselves in
the aftermath of Bush, Obama has embraced hard-core enemies of science, and
acted as if there is no problem.

Footnote: .This aspect of "theistic evolution" is a muddle which is in open
and sharp contradiction to evolutionary theory."



Once again, atheism via science! Am I wrong?







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