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I found this excerpt funny and interesting:

I think that each of us has crafted what I will henceforth be calling (with a bit of playfulness) an Operative Depiction of Reality, an ODoR.

Note a number of ways that referring to one's "ODoR" seems fitting:

* Whether we are aware of it, or not, each of us has an ODoR.

* Part of a person's ODoR is intentional (like perfume); most of it is not.

* A person's ODoR can be socially functional, whether intended or not.

* We are aware of the ODoR of others, perhaps more than of our own.

* There are good ODoRs and bad ODoRs.

* We are most comfortable with people whose ODoR is like our own.

* One's ODoR is open to evaluation and, within limits, modification.

More seriously, I have found this concept of a personal ODoR - one's Operative Depiction of Reality - to be helpful in my attempts to answer the question posed earlier: "How could I hold to dogmatic Calvinism as long as I did?

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Sorry about that.

Here's the full link;


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