Re: [asa] Response to Baylor meeting

From: Douglas Hayworth <>
Date: Mon Aug 31 2009 - 17:59:52 EDT

Hi Randy,

I know you especially wanted an answer to the last question, but really it
is the answer to the first question that is the key.

I don't think any of us began our scientific quests desiring to believe in
evolution. We were all compelled by the weight of evidence - by the record,
structure and function of creation - to conclude that it is the best and
description of the way the world really is.

For nearly all of us, this conclusion about the fact of evolution has forced
us to address difficult issues like extinction, death, time, historicity of
Adam, etc (i.e, questions 2-4). to determine how we can make sense of both
facets of reality. Although most of us have come through that crisis of
faith to arrive at a more devoted appreciation for God's glory and love in
Christ, I doubt that ANY of us set out with the intention of challenging our
original faith/bible-interpretation assumptions.

The fact that we continue to discuss all the difficult issues at the ASA
meetings should encourage fellow Christians in that it shows how deeply we
care to make sense of the theological issues presented by our scientific
advances. The ASA is the only place where both the science and theology are
open for discussion -- we are always aware current understanding about one
or the other (or both) may be need correction.

I just heard an interview this morning with an economist who wrote a book of
life-advice based on "ecomomist" reasoning. The book is meant to point out
that, however valid economic theory is, it isn't necessarily the proper
basis for a philosophy of life. The same is true of our science. We don't
know what the moral or ethical lesson of evolution is; that is not
self-evident. That's why we have to discuss those things as a
science/Christian community.


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