Re: [asa] Response to Baylor meeting

From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Mon Aug 31 2009 - 12:24:11 EDT

My response to the gentleman in question would be that I believe in the tenets of the Christian faith and the commonly constructed theory of evolution, and the historicity of Genesis all for the same reason.  The overwhelming accumulation of data and evidence convinces me of all three.  Indeed everything in life can be accepted or rejected on the same basis.  Where does the evidence lead?


At this juncture a typical Christian response might be that we must have faith.  Yet how is our faith in Christ better than a Muslim’s faith in their prophet Mohammed for example?  If we were to try and convince a Muslim to accept Christ, how would we do it?  I submit that we would resort to historical evidence and personal testimony - which is also evidence.  To the Christian who rejects evolution or to the atheist who believes in evolution (or to the person who rejects the historicity of Genesis 2-11) my response is the same.  Check out the evidence.


I believe it is disingenuous for someone to accept the data and evidence that points toward Christ and at the same time reject the data and evidence that confirms an evolutionary scenario for the progression of life on earth.  And the same goes for those who adhere to evolution, convinced by the evidence, and yet disavow the evidence that confirms the elements of our Christian faith.

Dick Fischer
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