Re: [asa] Response to Baylor meeting

From: Pete Enns <>
Date: Sun Aug 30 2009 - 21:00:43 EDT

Thanks, Allan. More importantly, if more people would BUY my book, I
could retire early (not).

I am genuinely interested in all of these scientific matters you all
are discussing, even if much of it is over my head. Still, a synthesis
between a biblically informed Christian faith and genuinely persuasive
developments in human thought is very much an interest of mine.


On Aug 30, 2009, at 8:02 PM, Allan Harvey wrote:

> Randy cites his correspondent implying that the reason Christian
> scientists "want so much" to believe that evolution is a correct
> scientific description of God's creative activity is to gain
> "respectabliity". Sadly, this sort of slander against the integrity
> of fellow Christians is not uncommon. Phil Johnson has done it more
> than once, basically saying that Christians in academia only express
> belief in evolution for career advancement purposes. It has
> happened on this ASA list a few times.
> I realize this person is not a part of our list, but this attitude
> is outside the "Guidelines" Randy posted just a day or two ago.
> While I hate to "write off" anybody, I think the ASA response to a
> person like this may need to be shaking the dust off our feet. If
> this person disputes the evidence for evolution, we can talk about
> that. If he thinks evolution is incompatible with his Christian
> theology, we can talk. But if the tactic he leads with is to impugn
> the motives and integrity of Christians who believe common descent
> to be true, I don't know that edifying conversation is possible.
> Allan Harvey (ASA member)
> P.S. Glad to see Pete Enns on the list -- if more Evangelicals took
> to heart the wisdom in his excellent book "Inspiration and
> Incarnation" many of the church's problems in the science/faith area
> would be greatly diminished (along with the damage done to the
> witness of the Gospel among the scientifically literate).

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