Re: [asa] Behe and McWhorter on Bloggingheads

From: Schwarzwald <>
Date: Fri Aug 28 2009 - 14:30:20 EDT

Incidentally, Behe talks about this interview (and an issue surrounding it)
at his blogging site:

The issue is that the video ended up getting yanked shortly after it was
posted. It's since been posted again. And I admit, I like the joke Behe
tacks on to the end of his blog entry.

Also, Behe's a favorite for me when it comes to the more prominent ID
people. He manages to be civil without being simpering or sarcastic,
something I appreciate. That aside, I'd just mention that the approach I
envision (and which Cameron references) goes far beyond the confines of ID -
it includes it, but ID is too narrow a category to fully contain what I hope
for in that regard. That said, it's a good interview, and I'm glad it ended
up getting put back online.

On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 11:16 AM, Cameron Wybrow <>wrote:

> Some here might be interested in a new 45-minute exchange between Michael
> Behe and John McWhorter on Bloggingheads.
> The topic is Behe's 2007 book, *The Edge of Evolution*.
> There are no new technical arguments in the interview, but it's still
> quite enjoyable to listen to.
> McWhorter, though an atheist, is nonetheless attracted by Behe's argument.
> He finds it persuasive, even though it leads in a direction which, he
> frankly admits, does not make him very comfortable. His response to Behe's
> argument is the sort of thing that Schwarzwald and I have been talking
> about. The argument for design is able to penetrate his materialism in a
> way that appeals to faith (whether of the YEC, OEC, or TE variety) have
> utterly failed to do.
> Though friendly in tone, McWhorter presses Behe with some tough questions, including
> the question whether or not intelligent design is, so to speak, a science
> stopper. They have a good discussion about that.
> The link is:
> Cameron.

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