[asa] Behe and McWhorter on Bloggingheads

From: Cameron Wybrow <wybrowc@sympatico.ca>
Date: Fri Aug 28 2009 - 11:16:13 EDT

Some here might be interested in a new 45-minute exchange between Michael Behe and John McWhorter on Bloggingheads.

The topic is Behe's 2007 book, *The Edge of Evolution*.

There are no new technical arguments in the interview, but it's still quite enjoyable to listen to.

McWhorter, though an atheist, is nonetheless attracted by Behe's argument. He finds it persuasive, even though it leads in a direction which, he frankly admits, does not make him very comfortable. His response to Behe's argument is the sort of thing that Schwarzwald and I have been talking about. The argument for design is able to penetrate his materialism in a way that appeals to faith (whether of the YEC, OEC, or TE variety) have utterly failed to do.

Though friendly in tone, McWhorter presses Behe with some tough questions, including the question whether or not intelligent design is, so to speak, a science stopper. They have a good discussion about that.

The link is:



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